a little tango in her blood series

Fuga y misterio – Astor Piazzolla
Don Agustin Bardi – Horacio Salgán
Pastoral Calchaquí – Héctor Gallac
Milonga de dos hermanos – Carlos Guastavino
Suite Argentina – Horacio Salgán
Milonga sin Palabras – Astor Piazzolla
Chiquilín de Bachín – Astor Piazzolla
El Desbande – Astor Piazzolla
Lo que vendrá – Astor Piazzolla

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Young’s ‘A Little Tango in her Blood’ is a marvelous collection of tango pieces, beautifully arranged, perfect to include in any flute recital, and appealing to audiences of all ages. Order your copy today!

Viviana Guzman, The Flute View

Following Alison Young’s noted tour of Argentina in 1998 and the release of her CD, this collection pulls together for the first time her arrangements and editions of music for flute and piano. Included are tangos and milongas, Astor Piazzolla’s popular Fuga y Misterio as well as a full-length suite of native dances written by tango legend, Maestro Horacio Salgán.

A musical journey through Argentina.

This project was funded by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Horacio Sálgan, Don Agustin Bardi tango for flute choir

The Upper Midwest Flute Association Board Flute Choir premieres Don Agustin Bardi by Horacio Salgán.

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