a little tango in her blood CD

A Little Tango in her Blood CD, music for flute from Argentina includes Alison Young’s arrangements of Piazzolla tangos, Guastavino milongas and the premiere of Salgán’s Suite Argentina.

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Alison Young’s second solo CD on the Albany records label represents the culmination of her experiences as an artist-in-residence in Argentina in 1998 and her subsequent tour of the United States with Argentinean pianist Ana Victoria Chaves playing concerts and giving classes on Latin American music in major Music Schools. The CD includes arrangements for flute and piano by Ms. Young of Piazzolla, Ginastera, and Guastavino and the recording premiere of living tango legend Horacio Salgan’s Suite Argentina.

alison young, con algo de tango en la sangre
  • Poema del Pastor Coya – Angel Lasala
  • Milonga de dos hermanos – Carlos Guastavino
  • El Desbande – Astor Piazzolla
  • Pastoral Calchaquí – Héctor Gallac
  • Suite Argentina – Horacio Salgán
  • Milonga sin Palabras – Astor Piazzolla
  • Introduccion y Allegro – Carlos Guastavino
  • Don Agustin Bardi – Horacio Salgán
  • Impressiones de la Puna – Alberto Ginastera
  • Fuga y misterio – Astor Piazzolla
  • Chiquilín de Bachín – Astor Piazzolla
  • Lo que vendrá – Astor Piazzolla

The interpretation and execution of works of local Argentinean character present a number of difficulties including the need to adapt to the unique rhythms and style – Alison Young has sorted them out with great artistry and ease, demonstrating a very unusual musical talent.

Horacio Salgán
cover of A Little Tango in her Blood CD
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