adventure with alison

It’s a grand thing, to get leave to live.” – Nan Shepherd

Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan

hike blog: Don’t shun (-tion) the “Ten Essentials”

Could I spend the night here?

hike blog: Fifteen 14’ers, CO – September, 2015

scree slope on Mount Antero

hike blog: John Muir Trail, CA – September, 2012

heading to Glenn Pass, Kings Canyon NP

If you’ve ever wanted to get up a mountain, see a waterfall, paddle with loons or sleep under the stars but felt you needed a helping hand, I’m your gal. I’ve had my toes in a lot of the natural world and would love to take you with me. Send me a note and share your next outdoor dream!

Alison Young in the clouds
Franconia Ridge, NH